Sunday, February 26, 2017

MDF Buildings, first crack.

It's been a long time since I posted to my blog so I have lots to cover. First off I'd like to discuss MDF buildings. These are 3mm flat MDF boards that are cut with via lasers to any shape or size you want. Once burned / cut the pieces can be put together to form a 3D object such as buildings for wargaming.
I decided to give these a try and bought some through a business that was selling them on Ebay. Star Fort Minatures based in the UK. I ordered one building. It came in a flat box and after looking at the model on the website I finally figured out how to put it together.

 The detail is amazing with these models. The kits don't come with instructions on how to put them together so it did take a little while to figure out what piece goes with what.
The roof and floors should not be glued down so you can take them apart to get to the lower levels as shown above.
I did have to do a bit of modifications to the roof so it wouldn't slide off too easily. I added some plastic underneath as a guide for the walls. It worked quite nicely.
As you can see the second floor and the roof slide into place quite well.

I was so impressed with these buildings I ordered 3 more! below are 2 of the 3 I ordered.
The packs come with all the flats. All you need to do is pop the cuttings out of the sheets and start putting them together. I recommend carpenter's glue or white glue for this.
I love the detail on this merchant building. It will work very well with my WW2 skirmish games once I get it painted up.
Again the roof and floors come off for easy access.
Once painted up they will work well with my other buildings.
This is a row of town houses that I made out of foam board. I applied textured paintable wall paper to achieve the exterior stucco look.
This is a strip of merchant stores in a shelled out look. All the store signs and interior wallpaper were taken off the internet and scaled to the appropriate size for this model.
And here's the finished product in a wargame.

If you would like more info on those MDF buildings have a look at this company's website:

They have since migrated off of Ebay for sales and you can order direct from their site. Their service is good and they communicate with you when the order is shipping. Overall a good experience.