Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Making a shelled out village

I'm constantly looking for things to add to no man's land. While examining photos of the battlefields I took note that the front lines on the Western Front moved back and forth no matter what was in the way. Sometimes the trenches actually cut through shelled out villages and towns. So I decided to create a few gaming tiles that contained this type of terrain.I cut out wall segments out of foam board and with the aid of a hot glue gun fastened them down on the tiles.
For cobble stone roads I used some brick textured plastic sheeting and glued it down. With a base coat of grey and dry brushing black over it to bring out the brick texture.The shell holes were carved out of the Styrofoam and then I used a water base wood filler to build up the berms. Some glue and flocking plus an airbrush to colour the shell holes and add scorch marks on the ruins added to the total effect.Finally I managed to make all the roads match so I can configure the tiles in numerous ways.
I made sure the rubble should be flat so gaming figures can be positioned with ease. The finished results below used in a game.


  1. Looks really good. Should be fun watching your progress in WWI gaming.

  2. This looks really impressive, realistic and I'm sure will give some really interesting games. I'd hate to be a tank commander having to drive through that lot, though! Great stuff.