Sunday, June 12, 2011

ASL hybrid game

This past Saturday I had a couple of friends in from London who were itching to show me their Advanced Squad Leader rules adapted to gaming miniatures. Using 1/72 scale figures and armour we did a late 1944 Eastern Front scenario. Because ASL is a very detailed rule set my friend Greg (big ASL nut) sort of dumbed them down to a faster playing concept. He's already tried them out at a couple of Hotlead gaming conventions.
We set up the table with Rich's terrain and Greg's figures. The scenario was for a platoon of Germans holding a key crossroads from the Russian hordes and hoping for reinforcements.
The Russians advanced with 2 SU-122's and heavy infantry support.
A squad of Germans with a medium machine gun manage to hold off the Russian infantry while a Stug IIIG get's a hit on the 3rd try on one of the SU-122's. Eventually the Russians close on the German squad in the house and start a melee. While in melee the rest of the Russian forces fire at the wrestling mass and wipe them out. Friendly fire be damned!
The hill to the left of this ruined house is another key objective in the Russian's path. They manage to scare away a Panzershreck team but before they do the Panzershreck team takes out another SU-122.
Of the 4 objectives the Russians manage to get control of 3 of them. 2 hills and only 1 of 2 ruined houses near the crossroads.The photo below shows the view from the Russian perspective.
The German armour never made it close to the crossroads but did manage to knock out 5 Russian tanks.
The Stug III G seen in the photo above got 3 kills in the game before a T34-85 nailed it. A T34 made it to the base of the second hill to secure it. I don't think this tank would have survived much longer. There were 2 Mk IV's who acquired it and it was only a matter of time before it was a smoking ruin. The game ended after about 4 hours of play with a Russian victory on points over the Germans. Even though the Russians captured 3 out of 4 objectives they barely squeaked out a victory. They had lost a lot of armour compared to the Germans.

So how were the ASL rules adapted to miniatures? Well having 2 people playing who knew the rules inside and out helped. They even knew from memory the 'To hit' chart! I'm not sure if I like these rules or not. In other words the jury is still out. My current skirmish level rules use single figures rather than a base containing 3 figures. I still like the 1 figure equals 1 man theme. I did think the mechanics worked well. They had a nice balance of complexity over simplicity. I think though this game maybe a little too detailed for gaming conventions.

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