Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another try at ASL for minitures

My friends Greg and Rich from London dropped by to give my friend Bob and I another try of their ASL rules modified to miniatures. I supplied the table and terrain and they'd supply the figures and vehicles.
The scenario was a run for control of a bridge '44 Eastern Front. Rich and I were the Germans while Bob and Greg were the red hordes. The game starts off with recon units from both sides approaching the river.
View from the German side, bridge in the distance.
 Rich has one Sd Kfz 251/1 halftrack and a Puma Sd Kfz 234/2 while I have 2 Sd Kfz 251/1 halftracks and a Panzerspahwagen
Sd Kfz 250/9. Rich decides to go left around the hill while I attempt a crossing of the river between the gap between the trees on the right.

The infantry stands behind are actually riding in the half tracks..

An infantry squad lost too!
The Russians manage to get some assault guns on a hill on their side of the river and manage to nail one of my half tracks.
At the river.
I decide to have my anti-tank section cross first.
A lend lease M2 waiting to nail anyone crossing the river.
Now how do I get rid of that enemy half track?
The Puma in over watch position.
On the left side Rich moves his infantry squads through the woods to attempt to cross the river higher up. The Puma watches for anything coming across the bridge.
The panzershreck team manages to take out the retreating M2 halftrack but the supporting squad can't go any further than the wreck because of a couple of T34's and some Russian infantry squads to their right. My plan of controlling the bridge from the far side is not going to be easy! I had hoped that my Sd Kfz 251/1 could make a quick dash across the road and into cover but I didn't expect the 2 T34's to be so attentive.
Quick kill by my Pz Mk IV H.
Greg attempts a run across the bridge with one of his T34's. My Pz Mk IV H got off the first shot and managed to take it out.
Russian armour at the river.
 German reinforcements consist of 3 Pz Mk IV H's and 3 Stug III's Rich puts a Mk IV and a Stug on the hill while one of my Mk IV's gets nailed on the road. My other one had it's main gun knocked out and the crew decides to drive off in the other direction.
Too exposed!
With all the Russian armour at the river my Mk IV was too exposed and eventually succumbed to enemy fire.
Crossing on mass.
The Puma was no match to stop the heavy Russian armour. The German squads at the tree line by the river actually had better success in holding back the Russian infantry. It was at this time we called it a game. There were points allocated for vehicle hits and infantry casualties. The German side actually had knocked out more Russian armour (which was historically correct) but that one adventurous T34 that made it across the bridge before getting knocked out gave the Russians the extra points needed to win the game.
And how did the ASL adapted rules work? Fine accept for one issue I brought up. Masses of tanks and infantry could fire through each other at different targets. Sure they got a negative modifier added to their combat results but I found this feature annoying. I mean how can one tank fire over another friendly tank? The line of sight was blocked. Besides this issue the game moved quickly and was challenging.


  1. Nice report. There's a guy here in Portland, OR who uses ASL to game WWII in miniature. He uses the starter rules instead of the "full set" of ASL rules. They work out all right but it takes up a huge amount of room. He's got it all scaled correctly with hexes and 6mm figures.