Friday, April 13, 2012

Micro Armour terrain

My good friend John has been bitten by the wargaming bug. I bought a pile of micro armour off a mutual friend and has been busy making terrain for his gaming needs. One of his first projects was making a ruined village. He got the idea of doing tiles from me. I did 1 ft tiles for my WW1 trench game. He used this concept and shrunk it down to his scale.
I village tile nearing completion.
For the walls he was using hobby clay.
Nice open areas to fit the mini's in.
From ground level the terrain looks very realistic. Now for some paint.
Once all the tiles were built John started to add colour to finish it off and make the project look great.

A Panther is about to stop some Shermans.
The tiles can be switched around to create different variations.
He's been working on some other features like hedgerows and orchards too.
Somewhere in Normandy...
A German armoured column moves up to the front.
His first orchard is done.
I think John is well on his way to making a superb gaming table. I must talk him into doing Ortona!

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  1. That looks great - I think I may have to steal some of these ideas....

    cheers WW