Sunday, August 5, 2012

Commonwealth Beach Assault. Part I

After a successful Totalize scenario we decided to whip up a beach assault game. It would be a combined beach assault and airborne landing further in. The airborne drop had the job of securing at least 1 of the 2 bridges that isolated the town on the coast.
The coast and the shelled out town. The German defenses consisted of concrete pillboxes, Pak guns, and barbwire.
The Allied assault consists of 2 ARVE Churchills, a 25 Ib'r on a landing craft, and 4 fully loaded infantry landing craft. The Germans mainly have numerous infantry squads, 1 self-propelled gun, and a Wespe. No other German armour (yet).
View from the land side. One of these 2 bridges has to be secured by airborne forces.
The Allied paratroop drop was successful and they managed to land in an unprotected field. About 8 paratroops ended up in the trees.
The Germans were caught a little off guard with the airborne drop and start to advance on the British airborne troops. A halftrack didn't last long against a PIAT.
A furious firefight develops on the southern flank of the airborne forces. The German attack fades.
The airborne landing was successful with the British troops holding off probing German attacks. Their next objective is to capture a bridge (or two!). The beach landing hasn't begun yet but the 25 Ib'r on the landing craft has a lucky shot and takes out a Pak 40 gun that was located close to the beach.