Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WW1 village attack

It's been a long time since I've played a WW1 skirmish game so I dusted off my trench terrain and invited some friends over. The scenario is the British found out that the Germans have moved into the shelled out village in no-man's land. The British Colonel does not like it at all and informs the battalion major to send out a company in force to claim the village. To help 4 tanks are added to the mix plus a few batteries of off board artillery.
The situation. Germans in the village and the British are getting ready to push them out.
The Germans were thinking of adding a reinforced observation post in the village and anticipated the British would challenge them. They send a company's worth of troops to support the OP.
The opening few turns finds the British working their way through their own wire and approaching the outskirts of the village.
The Germans are settling in.

The Germans decide to seek cover. The British off board artillery starts coming into the village area and provides a screen for their infantry.
Tanks lead the charge.
The tanks move ahead of the infantry and start driving down the main street in the village. The German off board artillery starts opening up now but somehow the tanks keep coming.

The Whippet gets into the thick of it.
With the Whippet tank leading she takes the brunt of opposing fire. Even a flamethrower is having problems igniting it's stream! The front MG on the Whippet is knocked out but the side MG's are still working.

The infantry move up.
As the Germans struggle dealing with the tanks the British infantry move up to the village.
More British move into the village outskirts.
By now the British infantry start trading fire with the Germans and slowly start pushing them back.
More British infantry move in.
The tanks were the trick to the job at hand. Soon the Germans are overwhelmed with the onslaught of British troops and are forced to give ground. The game was a tactical victory for the British. The Colonel can sleep tight tonight!
The figure scale is 15mm. The gaming scale is 1 figure = 1 soldier. Squad level action. The rules are my home grown skirmish rules. 

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