Monday, March 10, 2014

Coldwars 2014

I, with a few friends just came back from Coldwars gaming convention in Lancaster PA. Here's a few photos of some of the games that went on.
An ACW game, Fox Gap, 15mm Regimental Fire and Fury.
Another ACW game
Some kind of winter battle game in 15mm. Company B Aerosans.
25mm ACW game about to start.
A 25mm Alamo game. This was a very popular one that had over a dozen people playing it.
A 15mm Vietnam game I played in. The objective was for a French convoy to make it from one end of the table to the other end. The Viet Minh had something to say about that.
The convoy moves off. Lots of firepower. River craft, tanks, armoured recon, off board artillery, and aircraft.
The Viet Minh spring an ambush. The convoy starts to get shot up.
Red disrupted markers everywhere. The French loose this one. The rules used were a variant of Battlefront. I found them too detailed for a convention. The French were handicapped with limited airpower and off board artillery. If we were allowed to use these forces with bombardments and strikes in suspected areas the outcome would have been different.
A multi table D-Day Pegasus bridge game in 25mm.
The attack on the lift bridge starts.
A 25mm WW1 Western front trench game.
The Germans wait for the French attack.
Another 15mm Alamo game. The Mexican attack is about to begin. BLOODY DAWN rules for Blue Moon 15mm figures.
The Mexicans rush the walls.
775 28mm Zombies hordes waiting to attack! 
The squads of vigilantes waiting for the swarm. I would have wanted to play this one but was committed to another one.
And another game I participated in. A hack and slash game of an English army against a large Viking raid in 28mm.

The Vikings approach.
A view from the opposite side.
John was busy with holding back the Vikings. He did a great job too!
My Knights attempt a charge on the Viking wall.
One of the beautifully painted Knights on the table.
And last the Dealer hall where your wallet will grow thin quickly.

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