Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hotlead 2014

I had the opportunity to attend Hotlead 2014 gaming convention in Stratford Ontario this past weekend. It's substantially smaller than Coldwars and would classify it as a regional gaming convention in one large ballroom in a hotel. I went along with my friend Bob, yes crazy Bob to help him set up his game. He needed the help having such a large game scale ratio. I'll do a separate posting on his game.
The flea market was great. Many an opportunity to acquire some heavily discounted gaming materials there. Being only at the convention for the AM on Saturday I only managed to capture a few photos of some the more notable games being presented.
A beautiful terrain board for some WW2 action.
One of the most eye appealing games was a WW2 skirmish game in 20mm. I believe it was German vs Brit. Because of the hilly terrain I'd place this one in Italy.
The German OOB for the WW2 Skirmish game.
I didn't see much action in this game mind you I was helping Bob with his large game.
WW2 D-Day landing game. US vs German, 28mm
The D-Day landing game in 28mm had beautiful terrain. I believe the rules being used were Bolt Action.
G.I.'s approach the sea wall. A Sherman makes it across.
A view from the German side. Pillbox and machine gun nests slow down the US forces.
A view from the other side of the table. A very detailed village awaits combat!
28mm is fast becoming the scale for WW2 skirmish.
Another WW2 Skirmish game. It looks like a meeting engagement.
A view from the Allied side.
British forces look like they've come across overwhelming enemy forces.
All eras were present.
A large ancients battle underway.
A shield wall meets pikes.

I think I'll have to make Hotlead an annual event for me. Very reasonable cost to get it for the day $15, and it's not too far from home.

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